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Design is one of the most important stages of app development, which, in our experience, determines the future success of the project. In the process of development, it is important to answer specific questions.
    To create the best prototype together we will discuss:
    Target audience of the project
    Visitor website behavior
    Primary and secondary user scenarios
    Unique design of the app
    Talk about your app with professional UX/UI designer
    Collection and formalization of the requirements
    Competitive analysis
    Creating a portrait of the target audience
    Construction of the project architecture
    Usability testing
    UX / UI prototyping
    Decision analysis and technology selection
    Advantages of prototyping
    Better understanding
    Sometimes a developer may not fully understand what the client is expecting. Prototyping helps to sort out all misunderstandings early
    Identify problems early on
    A working system is available early on in the process. You can identify possible improvements that can be made before the project is completed
    Influence the resullt
    You will feel more involved in the development of the project and can make suggestions in the process
    Fulfil user requirements
    A project that with the prototype usually has an improved design quality in comparison with those without a prototype
    Save money
    It is far less expensive to fix issues with the project in the early stages of development
    Use it to train stuff
    The prototype can be used to train staff while the app is still in development
    We can easily create a prototype for these platforms
    Terms and prices
    The cost of prototyping depends on your business requirements, type of the project, complexity and number of the pages.
    The average cost is $450, and the timing - 2 days.

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